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The Omnibus

I Used To Make Her Kiss Me

A Cheval Glass

An Electric Thrill

Let's Have A Feel

Four Wax Candles

Amorously Fascinating

You Make Such A Noise

A Whisper

A Hopelessly Mad Idea

Allons, Allons

A Rod Of Iron

Carmine Orifice

It comes to my memory

She Pushed Me Down

A Squeel, A Struggle

Jet Black Bush

My Rollicking Country Lass

My First Wet Dream

Into The Cowhouse

Baudy Talk

The Garden Parlour

A Stiff Prick Gives Courage

Many A Swell

For Old Aquaintance Sake

Thus Ended My First Fuck

Shiver & Quiver

Fi Donc

Frigging Sweepstakes

A Pair Of Boots

You're Not Man Enough

Deliciously Small

Afraid Of My Own Boldness

He Will Murder Me

Sarah Tells A Wicked Story